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I am loving this!  I am also in a dilemma and I’d like to get y’alls input.  God made me an analytical type guy.  I love every post and comment and want to address each one and develop dialogue on each point and ESPECIALLY each question.  I feel bad when I see soooo many good points being made and want to comment on each.  Then when I see such deep heartfelt questions, I wanna stop the blog and camp out right there!

Is it just me that is troubled? I hate to see anyone miss out on this fellership.Does anyone have a suggestion how we can do this better? Do we have some experienced “bloggers” among us? I know this isn’t a “spiritual” matter but it is a “Martha” kinda thang 🙄 . How can we best SERVE one another in this setting?

Let’s use *this* blog window/topic and try an experiment

How about y’all pick some subjects/topics that you’d like to discuss and get further input from others on.  Click on comments and add it to the list.  I’ve started it off with a few of my own in the comments already.  After all … This Blog is for YOU!



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Did you know God is in the recycling business?

A few examples: His love, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, etc.

Here’s how it works.  God first gives us His <blank>.  He is the initiator.  Eventually we receive it (a free gift).  We did nothing to deserve it or earn it.  So once we receive this gift, it touches us deeply.  God is happy.  The recycling process has now begun.  Then we enjoy it and realize how much God loves us.  We worship…more recycling.  God is pleased.

Now let’s plug in the <blank> with forgiveness for an example.  We are overwhelmed that God would so freely forgive us of such a deed of selfishness and hatred.  That causes worship to come forth along with thanksgiving and blessing.  Our loving heavenly Father is happy we received His gift and accepts our thanks and worship. 

But the recycling is not over.  Now God wants us to give that forgiveness away.  What we have freely received, enjoyed and been blessed with needs to be shared with another unworthy recipient.  We may struggle and argue or try to reason with God, but eventually He wins :).  Now God gets the glory.  We know it was nothing of ourselves.  We could have NEVER forgiven that person had we not been forgiven and blessed of God first.

I believe this is our calling.  We need to live out what God gives us so that others will be touched by God through His children.  That’s what keeps the recycling process going.


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He gives you the desires of your heart

Is God sneaky?

Does God really give us the desires of our heart?  That sounds like a free ticket to ride where ever you wanna go – a blank check, right?

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring [it] to pass. Ps. 37:4&5 

Did you catch that?  FIRST we delight ourselves in the Lord.  How do we do that?  Well, one way is by worship.  <Yup, we’re still on this same topic :).>  Is it not a delight to worship God?  I think it is for both, for Him and us.

See, God has linked us together with His Spirit, His holy Spirit.  How did He do that?  He did it by answering His Son’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemene (Jn. 17:11,20-23).  “That they may be ONE in us” vs. 21-22.  Can you delight yourself in that?!!  Now, here is the crowning moment and fulfillment: “He that is joined unto the Lord is ONE spirit” (ICor.6:17). 

So you may ask, but Charlie, what does that have to do with God giving us the desires of our hearts?  Glad you asked ;).  Let’s break it down: God gives us the desires – now stop there and let’s take that in.  Who gives us the desires?  Who are we linked to in spirit?

As we are delighting ourselves in the Lord and as we are committing and trusting (entrusting) ourselves also IN Him, He is bringing it to pass.  What is He bringing to pass…He is bringing to pass the desires.

As we are in communion with God (worship) delighting in Him, that brings committment and trust, which can only come in a personal and intimate relationship with someone.

Now here’s the sneaky part.  In those sweet “God moments,” communion in spirit, God slips in His heart desires.  The more and longer we delight, commit, and trust, the more His desires get in us, cuz we are one spirit. Now I’m not saying we are God or becoming God.  As we worship and abide in spirit, what God is, His nature, fruit of the Spirit, is gradually being infused into us through that spiritual link of oneness in spirit.

So eventually God’s desires become our desires and when that happens, He grants them, He brings it to pass.  David wrote this Psalm, what better example could there be than “a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).

Now, is God sneaky or what?  Yes, wonderfully sneaky.  Hallejuah!

Let’s fellership this for a while.  A bit later I’d like to share a beautiful sneaky example of this in the Bible.


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Welcome to the NEW Fellership Blog

Yup, this is it! 

Just a brief intro:  As we all learn more about our new blog we will be updating this blog window with tips on how to navigate around and use some of the new features.  We are all learning this together.  I like it that way :).

Thanks for your patience and welcome.  Please continue posting.


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NEW BLOG format coming

Under construction:

Alice has been working frantically tonight on getting a new style blog up running. We still have some work to do. It will have a different look. It is more powerful and I think it is much easier to use and view other’s post.

We’re hoping to have it up and running by this weekend. It may require some extra time to transfer all the previous blog topics and comments over to the new one. We don’t wanna miss any comments from any of y’all.

Thanks for your patience.


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Questions about “in spirit” and worship

Have you ever thought about this?

I know we have talked about how we MUST worship in spirit and in truth (reality), but how much have we thought about why? Why MUST worship be in spirit?

Do you ever wonder just how much so called “worship” goes on, or should I say is being done in the name of “worship?” If it’s not in spirit, then it’s NOT worship to God…so what is it?

What else do you reckon might be going on in all these scheduled “worship services” every week if it MUST be in spirit? Now don’t misunderstand me, I am NOT implying that those in “worship services” are never in spirit. I believe worship is something personal and intimate and it is one-on-one between God (who is spirit) and our spirit. Out of 1000 people in the services, I doubt 1000 are all in spirit at the same time through out the entire service. I know back when I used to go I certainly was NOT in spirit that often! I hope I’m not making a big presumption here. What has been/is y’alls’ experience?

It seems to me to be pretty important to understand just a little bit (at least) just what it means to be in spirit. How ‘bout some fellership about that? We’d love to hear from more folks. Spread the word and let’s get more of our friends and worshippers involved so they can share their input too.


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A dream come true!

Ya know what, this is quickly becoming a dream come true for me. I woke up this Sunday morning, opened up this here fellership blog and for the past hour I have been brought into a spirit of worship, thanksgiving and blessing. I have been fretting (oh ME of little faith) that I haven’t been able to explain just what I understand worship to be. But after reading again every comment that has been made thus far, and being able to sit back and get the “Big picture,” I realized that every blog and every comment on each blog topic, and each comment on each comment has brought out a form of worship in everyone of you for us and God to enjoy.

I want to thank each of you who have written and had the patience to hang with us through this. I wish I could comment again on each and every comment everyone has written thus far. I’m seeing so clearly this morning that worship, just like God Himself (and how He relates and manifests Himself to us) is so very unique and personal that each of our precious experiences is different and special to us and God. Alice and I have been asking a lot of you to bare your souls with all of us and share your personal thoughts, experiences and “worship” and/or “God” moments with everyone – not only us few – but the entire www audience that just may happen by to fellership.com. It’s a dream come true!

Thank you!

PS – Since Alice shared her first “worship moment” lemme reiterate just how simple and totally unexpected a worship moment can be and what can come from it. Recently I was relaxing on one of our over 100 degree Texas summer days in our Walmart blow up pool. I was on my back lying on a float. A butterfly flew by and landed on my belly. I had a few water droplets (quickly evaporating) on the hairs of my belly. This butterfly, a gentle reminder/example of God’s awesome creation and purpose, landed on my belly and began to drink the water droplets. I saw the tiny proboscis extend and drink freely as I worshipped God and enjoyed the show. That brief “God moment” ushered me into an hour or so long period of contemplation and further fellership/worship with God in the pool. It was similar to (mrzerog) Bob’s “God nudges.”

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Examples of Personal Worship

A biblical example

I find it interesting that the first example of “personal worship” is found in the first book of the Bible. It’s the story of Abe’s faithful servant going on a mission to bring back a bride for Isaac. The servant lays out a scenario before God that will let him know God is with him and which woman is the one for Isaac.

Here’s his prayer: “Then he said, “O LORD God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day, and show kindness to my master Abraham.
Behold, here I stand by the well of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water.
“Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say, ‘Please let down your pitcher that I may drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I will also give your camels a drink’–let her be the one You have appointed for Your servant Isaac. And by this I will know that You have shown kindness to my master.”
(Gen. 24:12-14)

Now what happens next is what I’ve been calling “God moments” or “worship” : The servant sees a woman coming to the water trough and then he sees God working out everything right before his eyes, just as he had prayed it to be. When he learned who’s daughter she was: “So she said to him, “I am the daughter of Bethuel, Milcah’s son, whom she bore to Nahor. Moreover she said to him, “We have both straw and feed enough, and room to lodge. Then the man bowed down his head and worshiped the LORD. (Gen. 24:24-26)

God is hiding today in His creation. He is constantly working behind the scenes in carrying out His eternal purpose and plan. He longs to draw us deeper into Himself and open our eyes to see Him in creation and more specifically in our lives.

When that old servant saw God in that “scene,” he spontaneously bowed and worshipped the LORD. That was just one of many, many examples of incidents of personal worship we have recorded for us in the Bible. Once you get “tuned in,” it’s amazing to see how many examples there are as you read through. What is even more exciting is when we begin to see more God moments in our lives and those around us. Seeing God manifested, however He chooses to present Himself, will always bring forth worship in us toward Him.

Does that help?


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