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Genuine questions being asked about the Holy Spirit

 Please read carefully through these.  Consider your experience and understanding and share with us your impressions. 

“Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead: Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11:9-13)

1.  These are the words of Jesus as written in the NIV translation/paraphrase. Notice that Jesus is speaking of individuals not groups; He is speaking of individual fathers giving good gifts; He is speaking, I believe, about an individual gift of the Holy Spirit to those who are seeking, asking, knocking. This must be the most perfect gift imaginable. Can you tell me what it is?

2.  How do I experience it?

3.  What is the sign that I have received this gift? Is there a sign of having received it?

4.  How do you know you are following the Holy Spirit’s guiding?

5.  What does it feel like?

6.  Does the Holy Spirit’s presence change you and your relationship/fellowship with God in any way?

7.  Not wanting to get into a discussion of “Calvinism” vs. “whatever” here……but my question to this visitor was that I must believe that as a Christian I too am being led in some way by the Holy Spirit to my understanding of the scriptures and we are at absolute opposite poles in our understanding on this point (among others). How can the Holy Spirit be leading us both…..considering we are both Christians?

8.  What is the Holy Spirit doing for us? Not that this particular issue really has anything to do with our salvation……it is puzzling to me that we can come to such opposite conclusions from the same written word handed down through generations and guarded in it’s inspiration by the same Holy Spirit which is leading us in all our ways. Once again, what is the Holy Spirit doing for us?

9.  How do I know what is Holy Spirit and what is my own sinful nature? Can we know for sure? Are we giving the Holy Spirit too much credit for It’s leadership when our sinful nature can drive us off the mark with such ease?

10.  I keep seeing phrases like, “the Holy Spirit taught me” and, “led by the Holy Spirit to……”.   Just what do you mean by the Holy Spirit taught me? 

11.  Do you get a message directly from the Holy Spirit? How do you know?

12.  How are you led by the Holy Spirit?

13.  Is there a path that the Holy Spirit pushes you down? How do you know?

14.  I see a lot of things attributed to the Holy Spirit, but I don’t know exactly how these things are done by the Holy Spirit.

15.  Ahha!!! If I’m reading you rightly, you are saying that we may not know of the Holy Spirit’s working in us and the guidance that the Holy Spirit gives as it happens.  Just have faith that as we truly desire the fellowship and the “God moments”, the Holy Spirit does it’s work and provides the guidance necessary as we are transformed.

16.  Maybe doctrinal and dogma correction are not given directly because it is the heart that is being worked on……as the heart is transformed, the correct doctrine and dogma may become…..uh……well…..just moot because the fellowship with God does not involve doctrine…or maybe better said, it supersedes doctrine.

17.  Maybe this is the “walking by faith and not by sight” that is spoken of.

18.  Just who/what is the Holy Spirit?

19.  How do we receive it?

20.  How does the Holy Spirit guide me?

All these questions are being asked with a humble spirit and a seeking heart.  Please choose one or a few of these numbered questions and comment.  Also make sure you note what question number/s you’re comments are being directed toward.

Thank you saints.  Let the fellership begin!



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  1. 7. Not wanting to get into a discussion of “Calvinism” vs. “whatever” here……but my question to this visitor was that I must believe that as a Christian I too am being led in some way by the Holy Spirit to my understanding of the scriptures and we are at absolute opposite poles in our understanding on this point (among others). How can the Holy Spirit be leading us both…..considering we are both Christians?
    This is a very legitimate and good question. First of all, I believe that the Spirit deals with us exactly where we are. In other words, He begins with reference points in our understanding that we can relate to. Which means the Spirit applies God’s wisdom, instruction, and guidance on an individual basis.

    A few of the functions of the Spirit of truth are to convict us, teach us, remind us, guide us, empower us, etc., etc. Everyone one of these functions must be applied personally at the place of growth in life we have attained (also application is made based on each particual situation). Of course we all know that God desires us all to grow up into the full stature and maturity of Christ. That doesn’t happen over night. It is a life long journey, which may continue on after this physical life is over, who knows. The point is, it is a slow gradual growth process.

    I personally do not believe God is concerned with how accurate our knowledge or understanding is of scripture. God sees hearts. Our actions and understanding may be way off. He longs to impart His heart and desires into us until His desires and our desires are one. He also longs for fellership in the meantime, and the impartation of His life in us to the growing up of this NEW MAN, new creation, spirit man/inner man that came about when we were born again, born above, born of Spirit.

    Therefore 2 or more Christians, each with different backgrounds, training, culture, growth in life, etc. can never be expected to see eye to eye on all doctrinal points. I don’t believe God gave us His Spirit to do that. I believe He gave us His Spirit to link us together spiritually. I call it a vertical hook up (heavenward in spirit) and a horizontal hook up (earthly in spirit). We are NOW (that is, those who have been joined to the Lord) ONE spirit with God. Which means we can now worship, fellership, gain wisdom from above, receive revelation, and many more spiritual aspects are made real to us via God’s spirit. So however God choses to “flow” Himself and His nature into us can be accomplished now because we are one spirit with Him (and also ONE with our fellow believers in spirit).

    The biggest hinderances today are not in spirit, but in the flesh, in our bodies and in our souls. God’s plan includes full saturation or maturity (completeness) in spirit, soul and body (I Thes. 5:23). We ain’t there yet :(.


    Comment by fellership | September 1, 2006 | Reply

  2. Man, I wake up to this after a long night’s sleep and have thoughts on all of it! How to be succinct? I’ll just try hard:

    1. I think it is the impartation of fellowship with the Father and the Son. Compare Rev. 3:20.
    2. I have no idea. I only know what I have been through. I think you are emptied of yourself in greater and greater degrees and the Spirit walks in.
    3. That you are taught of the Lord (that is my opinion).
    4. When you get yourself destroyed and rebuilt. It’s pretty clear that things are not about YOU.
    5. I think there are progressive stages. See Eze. 47:1-8; John 21:18; and Rev. 22:1.
    6. Yes. You become a living sacrifice. You could never accomplish this on your own.
    7. Charlie answered this pretty well.
    8. See John 17:23–in a nutshell, it’s to do with abiding.
    9. See Hebrews 5:14.
    10. I John 2:27. Notice the reference to abiding and then look at John 16:13. I suspect the “teaching” is rooted more in the Holy Spirit living out His own life in us rather than a set of lessons, “1., 2., 3… You’ll be quizzed on this tomorrow.”
    11. Yes… You know because 1) you could never think of these things on your own, 2) it agrees with the word when you go back and check later, 3) your spirit stands up inside you. When you see these three things continually and when you see the fruit borne out of messages like this continually, you get to where you pretty well know what’s going on.
    12. Individually? Previous exercise in the spirit has taught me to recognize the leading. Over time I get faster and clearer at discernment. The “how”? Many ways. Dreams?–rarely. Spoken words–rarely. Audible voice–only once. Mostly through the internal witness within and the elements of the world lining up to confirm what He has spoken. Sometimes scripture jumps out at me or comes to mind at serious junctures of life. I start knowing and understanding things I never could before.
    13. Yes–He burns down your kingdom and establishes His own in your life. You don’t understand this in the beginning–it looks like a disaster until you come out the other side.
    14. We don’t need to know “how”. I have seen enough proofs of the Holy Spirit’s activities that I no longer waste much time asking–God reveals things in His own good time. But that’s me…it takes time to come to that point–sort of like crawling before you can walk. It’s a necessary stage.
    15. This is also possible. The Holy Spirit guides us in so many ways that we are not even aware. But I think there is a bit of confusion sometimes on the work of the Holy Spirit. Unbelievers cannot have the Holy Spirit; therefore the Holy Spirit does not draw them to Christ.
    Joh 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
    It is the Father who draws. But having received Christ, we may all partake of His spirit. Nevertheless, God performs many unseen deeds in drawing us and then leading us down the path.
    16. Charlie said it well.

    I will stop at this one because two of the other questions seem redundant. However, the question on the “who” of the Holy Spirit may never be fully resolved. I’ve heard SO much–all good on it, but none of it agrees. Maybe it’s like the predestination vs. free will doctrines–never to be fully resolved in this life. The Holy Spirit is Jesus, but He’s not, too. Perhaps it goes back to that mysterious verse in John 17:21. We don’t have to know, do we? Jesus did not come that we might have doctrine and have it more abundantly, did He? Thank god.

    Charlie, you have met with an equally “analytical” sort of woman…!

    Comment by Kat | September 2, 2006 | Reply

  3. Hi again.
    What/who is the HolySpirit? Well I think He is God and he is within us. He is the Comforter. I love that part. he is with us to comfort us and to teach us… and to lead us into ALL truth.yes…how do I know His leading? Something lately I have been relating to this is reading in the bible what LOVE is. It is kind, it is gentle, etc..etc..when im separating flesh from Spirit in my hearings.. I can rely on these scriptures to see that HE is LOVE and those mentioned of what LOVE is …is WHO I am hearing. So, HE Himself is LOVE. And those qualities of LOVE mentioned in scripture should consistently be HIS nature for me to recognize His voice…if Im claiming to hear His voice. Do I make any sense?
    blessings Gail

    Comment by Gail | September 2, 2006 | Reply

  4. Yes, you make sense!

    Comment by Kat | September 2, 2006 | Reply

  5. Yep, you guys are hitting on my points exactly. I believe that we’ve been sorta conditioned to use phrases we hear so often, like ” the Holy Spirit led me to…..” and “I was led by the Holy Spirit to this understanding”, and if we don’t watch out I think we’ll just use them and not really attach the proper significance to what we’re saying. Being led by the spirit to do something is about the most important thing that can happen and to use it lightly does not seem to me to be a good idea………I want to know if I am really being led by the spirit in some specific instances. Hmmmmmmmm…..maybe I can’t really know for sure in real time …… the only way to know for sure is to examine the experience in hindsight. Otherwise I wouldn’t make any mistakes and blunders, right?

    I can look back and I know that I made some decisions which had to be because of some nudging by God or maybe another way to put it would be that it is my spirit or the God given spirit within me “vibrating” in tune with God’s spirit. I’m thinking that is the only way to know……look back my friend and see how God has worked in your life. Knowing as it’s happening……well, I can’t say that’s possible. Maybe this is why we talk about walking by faith and not by sight. (My opinion, of course, at this moment in time…….as I’m always in the process of modification).

    It is the same sort of thing with God’s precious personal gifts or “little” miracles. I don’t believe that we can know for sure sometimes that God is working with us to bring us that full/abundant life here on earth as his children…….but spending some time on the deck contemplating how things have gone we can separate out the times we’ve blundered and stumbled on our own initiative and the times we’ve really made the God induced choices which have led to extraordinary peaks and perks in this life.

    I appreciate you guys and appreciate the opportunities you’ve presented to wade through this stuff in my mind. Gotta be careful I don’t wonder off into a “knowledge” trip and think that I’m anything special because I’ve figured some things out……..remember the gnostics and their “special” knowledge trips? Knowing God and getting into the fellowship mode with Him is too simple to attribute the relationship to anything special on my part……it is just the habit of contacting Him as you go through life and sharing life with Him…….he’ll get back to you some way, right?

    Comment by mrzerog | September 3, 2006 | Reply

  6. Gail said, “how do I know His leading? Something lately I have been relating to this is reading in the bible what LOVE is. It is kind, it is gentle, etc..etc..when im separating flesh from Spirit in my hearings..”
    Yup, that is a great example Gail! What you refer to as God’s love, can also be summed up in God’s nature. The better we get to know the Lord, the more we will recognize His nature, and eventually begin to live out His nature in our living (especially toward others).

    Bob said, “I want to know if I am really being led by the spirit in some specific instances. Hmmmmmmmm…..maybe I can’t really know for sure in real time …… the only way to know for sure is to examine the experience in hindsight. Otherwise I wouldn’t make any mistakes and blunders, right?”
    Hey Bob, this is getting good, huh? I recently was reminded that our faith is ALWAYS ahead of our experience. I think that living in and being led by the Spirit is a “faith” walk. Sometimes we will have a strong inner, “gut feeling” or “God nudge” that this is the Lord, but the only way to know for sure is by checking our experience later, and even then, we can’t always be sure.

    I know I’ve said this before somewhere (maybe on this blog), but it seems to me the human tendency is to tag on, “the Lord said,” or “the Spirit is saying,” (or such like phrases), when it has to do with something we really want or like or can DO. Rarely do we seem attribute things of the Spirit to things our flesh doesn’t agree with. That could be a big hint to us what is NOT the Spirit, if our flesh goes along with it or thinks it can do it :).


    Comment by fellership | September 5, 2006 | Reply

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  8. A few thoughts here, not laws:

    My “experience” has been to look backward and say, “DID YOU SEE THAT???” Having said that, some would say that I don’t know the Lord if that is really happening to me. I would say, “hmm…ok…but He sure spends alot of time workin in my life for a Father that I don’t belong to.” Other than that (which happens nearly daily now), I get up, get dressed and just believe that God has the day planned. I also have very close friends that laugh at that, and we still hug regularly:) I don’t remember who said it in an earlier response, but they nailed it I think, when they said that God deals with us where we are.

    Here is where I am………

    Eph 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath BEFORE ORDAINED that we should WALK in them.

    I am certainly no language expert, but it could be said that this verse suggests that God has already laid out the plan/day (and since walking is something that we do every day, then perhaps this is a verse intended to be taken daily???). I am certainly not weighed down in concrete on much of anything. Having said that, if God were saying here that the planned activities of the day are set before us, then perhaps it really is as simple as just getting up, getting dressed, walking out the door and meeting the day in faith? In other words, KNOWING/BELIEVING that HE is gonna make it happen (I like that one…it takes the pressure off of me to have to recognize what He is doing, or not doing). So we just believe that fact and live in it. We don’t look for “Billy Graham” types of interaction out there, but rather the small things (at least we call them small in our minds….nothing against bro B of course). I have a few stories that I think…i said “think” leads me to that conclusion, and perhaps we’ll share these things when we are together. Man……..aint this fun??

    I sure hope I didn’t misunderstand the question (which I am guilty of quite often).


    Comment by randy | September 5, 2006 | Reply

  9. Howdy to ya Randy, thanks for adding your thoughts. I don’t think you misunderstood the question at all. Each of us will see things differently and that’s the whole idea for the blog…to get saints together to express the *God in them* and share their perspectives. You did just that!

    Randy, you and I know another friend who basically feels the same as you, they just get dressed and walk through their day. As you already know, I’m more introspective. I’m one of those “inquiring minds like to know” guys. I like to analyze events, circumstances, timing of things and even surroundings. I like to “spiritualize” stuff. I guess it’s just cheap entertainment for me :). But somehow, I believe I come away with a little bit of God through it all (along with quite a bit more confusion and questions).

    I wanna be able to walk thru my day and at least imagine I see God in things. I like walking and looking, even expecting to see. I think Bob (mrzerog) is like that too and this is what has triggered his questions. It doesn’t mean anyone is right or wrong…good or evil. That’s eating out of the wrong tree :).

    Now it’s my turn to ask, Bob, did I misunderstand the question ;)?


    Comment by fellership | September 6, 2006 | Reply

  10. Well Chaz

    I think I’ll take a wee stab at this one too. Your thoughts and questions are good, and challenging and Judy and I are enjoying this very much right now, It’s about the only “fellership” we get at the moment and it comes from 4000 miles away! Oh well!

    Anyways, it’s nice to see Randy’s thoughts, Kat’s and Gail’s too.

    You asked this: 11. Do you get a message directly from the Holy Spirit? How do you know?

    That’s the one I’d like comment on. I am no expert in this and have no desire to teach anyone anything, but I can relate to you all, my own experience of the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    First of all, I notice that He never draws attention to Himself, but always points to Christ, and through Christ, our relationship “directly” with the Father, by His precious blood.

    He can speak and has to me often. Sometimes I have misinterpreted that, instead of waiting quietly before the Lord, for meaning and guidance.

    This is something I am now learning to do. He speaks with a quiet voice, He doesn’t shout over the din or billowing of my emotions. If my heart is ever before the Lord, which it is, I find Him there (when He wants to speak).

    I have noticed that He very often leads us into suffering and a sort of gradual death. He tests us to see if we will be trustworthy to hold what He gives us, before He will pour His precious things into these filthy earthen buckets (vessels).

    However, in that suffering, He remains with us and takes us to the cross. Upon that death on the cross, at the word of the Father, He raises us up from the dead with greater life in Christ and a new testimony of His great love and power.

    How do I know I have heard Him? Well, there are a lot of voices out there, one being, my own. I have learned the hard way, to be more cautious 😦

    I have found that when He speaks, I can know it is Him, by two or three witnesses. By my own witness of hearing, by the witness of the body of Christ, and by the witness of the scriptures, all in perfect harmony, all saying “Amen” on earth as it is in heaven. Then I can be confident to hold what I have heard from God, and not another principality, then to safely and sure footedly, proceed.

    It is only where I have heard and then added or subracted that I have gone off into error, however, God is merciful and can make all things, for the good. Rom 8:28 What a God!
    His creation always testifies of Him too and can bear witness. After all, we were told not only to preach the Gospel to every man, but to every creature! (Sorry, that’s getting off track a bit)

    Anyways, that’s been my experience, Chaz. For what it is. It may be different with others though, a kidney does not perform as a liver, so, its nice to hear others thoughts on this too 🙂

    Toodle pip for now, ye auld Texican 😉

    Love in Christ to you all, and btw, hi Randy 🙂

    Comment by Cameron | September 11, 2006 | Reply

  11. Hey Cammie, I just now found your comment. This is not easy to always locate the comments, especially recent ones.

    Cam says, “Sometimes I have misinterpreted that, instead of waiting quietly before the Lord, for meaning and guidance.”
    That’s a big point, Cam. We can be wrong. We can be too quick to act at times. Such as when we think we hear the Spirit when it matches our wants.

    You speak of being led to suffering, yet always find He is there with us. You also speak of the cross, dying and being resurrected. To me, I think of Phil. 3 and the mention of the “fellowship of His sufferings.” What is this?! It doesn’t say the fellership of OUR sufferings, but HIS. I think this is what you are talking about. What Christ went through for us, we may also be called to go through, perhaps for someone else. Yet in that dark, painful suffering there is fellership cuz He is there! I can’t help but think of the 3 Hebrew fellers in the fire, but there was a 4th! Can you imagine fellership in the midst of that? It was the fourth man that makes the difference.

    Cam says, “I have found that when He speaks, I can know it is Him, by two or three witnesses. By my own witness of hearing, by the witness of the body of Christ, and by the witness of the scriptures, all in perfect harmony, all saying ‘Amen’ on earth as it is in heaven.”


    That’s a good word! God has not left us without witnesses. We certainly can’t always trust ourselves. And religion has proven man can’t/shouldn’t rely upon his understanding of scriptures alone (nor live by bread alone).

    I don’t want to get too deeply into this, but I do believe that God has given “gifts” to the body of Christ and we can use them to help us bear witness. The body of Christ can be a great “check and balance” when administered in spirit. We all need and should seek confirmation. That’s the way God wants it.

    There should also be the liberty and provision in Christ’s body to hear others and listen to differing perspectives. Where do you see that being practiced in today’s “churches?”

    I hope this blog can serve as a forum for other perspectives to be presented and considered. We desperately need God and one another.


    Comment by fellership | September 12, 2006 | Reply

  12. Good words, what I’ve read hurriedly.

    “And religion has proven man can’t/shouldn’t rely upon his understanding of scriptures alone”

    So much for sola scriptura! I was just thinking today that I’m glad I grew up believing in both the inerrancy of scripture and the witness of the spirit. As I see it, the word testifies of Christ and everything about Him. But without the witness of the spirit within, it’s just ink on paper. And the witness within testifies of Christ which, in turn, testifies that the word was right, after all. It’s a closed loop.

    You have a good handle on the witnesses agreeing, Cam. May you have the confidence to follow what they agree on. I think you are very close to God’s heart, my friend.

    Comment by Kat | September 12, 2006 | Reply

  13. One more thing I forgot to mention here. It is regarding that “witness” of the body. I had become very reliant over the years on leaders of churches and even house groups. I placed them on pedestals, thinking and believing that they were older and wiser than me.

    Many times, I would dump what I had heard because they had “no witness” to what I had heard.

    Now, this is a tricky one, because that particular brother or sister may be right. So, there are two things here that I’d like to mention. One is: there is nobody in the body that is higher or greater; “wiser, maybe”; “greater, never”.

    Their particular calling is a gift/function in the body for the building up of the same, not to Lord it over the sheep. That, many times, has been my mistake and at times, has led me into huge error.

    The second thing about this is: If we are in Christ, then the life of Christ in us all, will bear witness to the truth, the Holy Spirit will give us that confirmation in a myriad of ways.

    He is always, ready, anxious and willing to bear witness of the Lord Jesus Christ in any hearing we may have.

    Personally, and through bitter mistakes and falterings, I no longer just heed what any man says as perfect truth, but if it is Christ, my spirit will know the truth and with the Amen above and below.

    Sometimes hearing comes through another brother or sister, and I look for that same witness, in my spirit, in the cloud of witnesses on earth and in heaven, and the perfect harmony of the scriptures. Then I can hold it 🙂

    Call no man, “Father or Master” one is our Father, in heaven, and One is our Master, the Christ.

    Love to all


    Comment by Cameron | September 13, 2006 | Reply

  14. Amen again Cam. The natural man loves the glory, and for some reason our natural man loves to worship just about anything but God.  Un fortunately there are some in Christ’s body who take advantage of that.  Isn’t it good that God has that covered also :).  He knows our inclinations to turn things to our gain rather than His glory.

    God did not give us His Spirit to let us in on the winning lottery #s. He has given us His Spirit that we “…might KNOW the things freely given to us by God.” (I Cor. 2:12) Since we are now one spirit, we can know the things of the Spirit. The more we get to know the Lord, His ways, His mind, His will, etc. the better we will recognize His leading and speaking. It’s just another aspect of soaking in the nature of God via the spirit.

    Thanks Cam,

    Comment by fellership | September 13, 2006 | Reply

  15. Charlie, you said:

    “There should also be the liberty and provision in Christ’s body to hear others and listen to differing perspectives. Where do you see that being practiced in today’s “churches?”

    It does exist in today’s churches, Charlie. It’s just tougher to get at. I agree that the order of services restricts this but as you get to know people, that intimacy can come. I don’t ever want to restrict the Lord.

    So, in part of you comment there, I agree, but in part, I disagree. There are some dear saints who will probably attend mainstream churches for the rest of their lives,but know God intimately and others too, in the congregation.

    I personally would rather meet in a living room though, so I know what you mean. I just don’t want things to ever end up being an “us and them” thang.

    I know though, that in your heart, that you don’t want that either, but just thought it worth the mention 😉

    Love in Him


    Comment by Cameron | September 16, 2006 | Reply

  16. It was a good mention, Cameron. This very thing has been on my heart lately and apparently it has landed on several other hearts, too. Obviously, you can’t go grab the pulpit and make people hear another perspective, but if you have a relationship and if you have Jesus walking in you, He will make the opportunity. I’ve been flabbergasted, stupefied and gobsmacked at the way the Lord has begun to walk in me around others when I shut up and quit running my own life. He can go absolutely ANYwhere–I swear, He can… I am becoming all things to all men (mankind!) as He lives my life for me.

    Comment by Kat | September 16, 2006 | Reply

  17. Original questions 11 and 12….

    Joh 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”

    Does anyone know (or have an opinion) what this means? Is it optional? It sounds rather matter of fact, but is it?


    Comment by randy | September 18, 2006 | Reply

  18. Hi Randy

    Concerning your question about His sheep hearing His voice. I have only one thing to say about that. When I hear His voice, it is always without a shred of condemnation, but is immersed in the fruits of the Spirit, rising up from within me. It is also witnessed by the scriptures, the body and my own Spirit. There are many voices out there, some that try to mimic Him, but this way, I can be certain and can therefore, proceed. Witness is vital.

    Hello to you and Donna, btw.


    Comment by Cameron | September 23, 2006 | Reply

  19. Joh 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”

    Hi Randy and all,

    This is a good thread. I just started reading it today.

    Well, in regards to His sheep hearing his voice. I think the Lord speaks to us in many ways. As I have had fellowship with other brothers and sisters I have come to realize that He doesn’t seem to deal with each of us in the same way. For example, my sister feels the Lord a lot, but rarely seems to hear Him. My experience on the other hand is opposite. I have felt His presence many times, but this is not how He tends to lead me. I hear Him speak to me. To me His voice sounds a lot like my own voice. The best I can describe it is that His voice does not eminate from my mind, but from my spirit or heart. It comes from within. Generally I am thinking in a particular direction or experiencing a particular thing and then I will hear His voice. Most of the times it is a scripture which speaks to the issue at hand. It either provides comfort, correction, or guidance. A lot of times I have noticed I hear Him more in states of weakness than in times when I am functioning “in control” (if that is really possible)..

    I’ll give some examples of how the Lord has spoken to me.

    One night I was sitting in my apartment and I was going to get into the word, but my heart really wasn’t into it. I didn’t have a true desire to seek the Lord that night. As I was reading it was dry and I wasn’t gettting anything out of it. I think I was distracted by some other things at the time. I was thinking about something else and then all of the sudden I heard “Do you tremble at my word”..

    I knew this was not me. I didn’t think it up. It didn’t condemn me or make me depressed, but brought LIGHT to where I was. The truth is I had started to become hard of hearing. I wasn’t really trembling at His word.

    The next day I went to go visit a brother I hadn’t seen in a long time and went to use his restroom. On the wall was a beautiful picture of an eagle flying over some mountains and down at the bottom of the picture was this verse:

    Isaiah 66:2
    “This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word.”

    The next night I went to a meeting and the main sharing was this exact same thing.

    This word helped me to return to a place where I wanted to hear Him and follow Him.

    At other times I have been distraught about something that has happened and the Lord will speak a word of encouragement to me. Once I was having a lot of issues at work. The upper management wasn’t really happy with our sales, and numbers and were coming in a lot and it caused a lot of stress and anxiety. I started to go on a tangent in my mind fearing of what MAY happen to me. I was getting more and more fearful and I can remember I was standing at the ovens area putting away some pans and feeling dispair over the things that were going on and I heard “My God shall supply all of your needs”..

    I wish I could tell you that I leaped for joy and was full of faith at that time, but it didn’t happen like that. The circumstances didn’t change right away, but I know I heard. As time went on things got better. I feel like the Lord is trying to train us to hear and to learn to trust when He says something He means it.

    On the contrary though. I have heard “other” voices too..
    The other voice which “mimics” His voice is sometimes very hard to recognize for me. However, I have begun to realize when I hear that voice which sounds like the Lord, but it generally is just a little more “harsh” and is usually very demanding. The fruit is usually to push me away from the Lord or to try to convince me that I have blown it, and can’t go on with the Lord, or that I have done something that has hurt someone, or that someone is angry at me , etc, etc, etc… This voice is a voice that seeks to divide, to separate and to destroy. I have only been able to see this after allowing time to pass after hearing it and also testing to see if it was true by seeking brothers etc.. and talking about what I heard.

    I know that I am writing a lot and I hope not too much, but one last thing.. A brother told me something that helped me once. He said that no one in the body can cut your direct link with the Lord as Head, but if you are an elbow He will send signals to you as an elbow would receive.


    Comment by Ian | September 28, 2006 | Reply

  20. This is just a test, I’m having trouble with my computer and posting to the forum, so just wanted to see if this works here.


    Comment by Cameron | November 24, 2006 | Reply

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